Fountain & Waterfall

Fountain & Waterfall Equipments and Accessories

  • Tiles: Tiles come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and finishes, and can be used to accent any style of pool, be it traditional, modern, or natural. Take a look at the countless ways glass tile finishes can be used in pool and spa designs.
  • Filter tank: Offers a full line of the very latest in pool filter technology ensuring pool water is clear and clean with simple operation and minimum maintenance.
  • Circulating Pump: The pump is essentially the heart of the swimming pool's circulation system. Pool's circulation system comprises the elements of your pool that take water from the pool, filters it, sanitizes it, and returns the water back to the pool.
  • Overflow drain: During a rain storm or when filling the swimming pool, the overflow will drain excess water out of the swimming pool to a drain line.
  • Balancing tank: A balance tank is primary use for the storage of excess water generated from the displacement of swimmers bodies.
  • Heat Exchanger: Never let the weather control your swimming pool and spa enjoyment again. Whether you require rapid heat or a pool that is always at the perfect temperature.
  • Under Water light: Enhance backyard experience with lighting by creating an outdoor ambiance that is unique.
  • Vacuum cleaner: A clean pool is an inviting pool. Pool cleaners provide pool owners with peace of mind, total relaxation and effortless maintenance. Three automatic pool cleaner technologies exist—robotic, suction and pressure.
  • Ladder: Pool Ladders for in ground pools have a 3 step or 4 step design, and aboveground pool ladders have a 5 step design. Hand Rails aid swimmers using built-in stairs and Grab Rails are used with in-wall pool steps
  • Pool Slide: Swimming pool slides and diving boards add a thrill to getting into the pool. Kids and adults love to show off their dives and jumps, and little ones will feel the rush of excitement sliding into the cool pool water.
  • Spa nozzle: Design your spa to deliver a relaxing hydro-therapeutic massage. Choose between 4 interchangeable massage therapy jet faceplates; Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Pulsating or Soft Stream to create a relaxing spa experience.